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We are Democrats because we believe in social justice and equal rights. We believe it should not matter who you are, what you look like, or what neighborhood you grew up in; every person deserves an equal opportunity at success. Every child has the right to quality education, and access to quality healthcare should not be determined by the size of your bank account. If you believe in these ideals, we hope you will join us to build the Democratic Party in Elkhart County.

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For Immediate Release


(Goshen, March 4, 2017)--The Elkhart County Democratic Party met in Goshen for its Quadrennial Reorganizational meeting to elect officers of the Central Committee.

Chad Crabtree of Elkhart was elected as County Chairman on the first ballot, overcoming challenges from Carl Rust former candidate for State Senate, Tim Perry campaign staffer for Lynn Coleman and Jason Moreno community organizer. Chad previously served as Secretary for the Party.

Amanda Qualls of Goshen was elected as Vice Chair. Her opponents were Tanzie Nielsen, Angela Davis and Susie Meek-Wade.

Vicci Moore of Elkhart was unopposed for Secretary while Don Shuler of Middlebury retains his seat for Party Treasurer over Tim Carroll.

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