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It's time for the Elkhart County 4H Fair July 20 - 27

Democratic Party County Fair and Parade Participation Information

It's time for Democratic candidates and their Democratic teams to finalize preparations for the upcoming Elkhart County Fair. You can take action, sign up, and participate.

Parade Details

  • Staging will be at Linway and Kroger plazas (respectively). 
  • We will know the locale or number of our unit Thursday July 19 or Friday July 20.
    • Information will be posted and emailed to all of the participants as soon as it is received.  
  • Come prepared for very warm weather.
    • Dress appropriately and wear good walking shoes.
    • Use sun screen, hats, and bring bottled water.
    • Parade Coordinators will be present at the staging areas to help you locate our parade spot.
  • If you have a vehicle for the parade let Dwight know now so he can list it in the “unit” inventory.
  • Parade begins from Linway Plaza at 1:30pm.
  • Please be in place at the announced spot no later than 12:45pm.
  • It’s a long walk.  
  • Upon entering the fair grounds,vehicles, floats etc, will be held in the infield until all units have passed in review.

Contact Dwight Fish at 574-536-9973 or if you have questions, need directions, etc.

Democratic Fair Booth Information 

  • The booth will be decorated and in place.
  • Candidate literature will be available for distribution.
  • You may bring candy, trinkets, or any candidate giveaways your discretion.
  • The ECDP booth is located in Commercial Exhibit Building F at the east end.
  • It’s a great spot for visibility with high traffic. 
  • You can view the schedule and book your time in the booth Here.  
  • Tickets will be delivered to you for the day(s) you will work at the booth.
    1. Please arrive on time for your shift.

Guidelines While Staffing the Fair Booth: Enjoy your time in the both by engaging with fair attendees.

  • Ask people if they are registered to VOTE.
    • Forms are available in English and Spanish).
    • Place all completed VR form(s) in the secured lock box under the booth apron.
    • A sample federal form will be available for review.
    • All business cards, notes, reply cards, etc can also be placed in this lock box.
  • It is good to exchange differences of perspective in a cordial manner.
  • This is our opportunity to reach out to folks.
    • Please be respectful of their thoughts as you would like yours to be respected.
    • Do not engage anyone who is rude or disruptive.
    • It is acceptable to courteously ask anyone creating a disturbance to leave the booth area.
    • If such individuals continue to be disruptive, building security can be contacted to assist.
  • The commercial buildings close promptly at 10pm.
    • No one is allowed back in once they are locked.
    • Please secure any loose items and tidy up the area before you leave.
    • Please keep litter and other trash picked-up in and around the booth.

If there are any questions or concerns during your time at the booth, please contact Dwight Fish at 574-536-9973 or . Thank you for all you do for the Elkhart County Democratic Party.

Sign up for time slots here


We are Democrats because we believe in social justice and equal rights. We believe it should not matter who you are, what you look like, or what neighborhood you grew up in; every person deserves an equal opportunity at success. Every child has the right to quality education, and access to quality healthcare should not be determined by the size of your bank account. If you believe in these ideals, we hope you will join us to build the Democratic Party in Elkhart County. 

Elkhart County Democrats
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